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R.Me – P.S.W. Performance @ LittleField, NYC

February 18, 2010

R.Me @ A Monthly Bondfire, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

November 18, 2009

Here is some footage of R.Me performing at Bowery Poetry Club.

R.Me – The Goose Experiment Mixtape

November 18, 2009

The native group out of Brooklyn, New York hits us with this banger of a mini mixtape. The Goose Experiment features production by Alex Goose, a producer who has worked with Brittany Bosco and almost Jay-Z on BP3. R.Me got a hold of a slew of beats Alex had submitted to Jay, and recorded over them, giving an unexpected but welcoming sound.

DOWNLOAD: R.Me – The Goose Experiment Mixtape

itstheOFFICIAL.COM Freestyle Series: Real The Magnificent – Real Is Like

July 21, 2009

As we continue to give you want you need!!! We have Real The Magnificent one half of The Truth and one fourth of R.Me (Rebels Music Empire) comes through and shows Its The Official some hip hop blog love (pause). Real spits over the crazy DJ Premier classic beat “Nas is Like”. Expect big things from him and his counterparts as they are working hard on their upcoming LP Still Untitled To This Day, a masterpiece in the making.

“Join my airline we bound for the sky.” – Real The Magnificent

DOWNLOAD: itstheOFFICIAL.COM Freestyle Series: Real The Magnificent – Real Is Like

Shouts to B Conscious

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R.Me @ Showdown Sundays

July 11, 2009


Rashid Amir and R.Me will be perform this Sunday at Spuntnik, in Brooklyn, NY. Should be a great show.

Rashid Amir – Take It 2 Da Hook
PREVIOUSLY: R.Me – Brooklyn Will Remember Us

Rashid Amir – Take It 2 Da Hook

July 10, 2009

rashid amir

Here is a new track by Rashid Amir titled “Take it 2 The Hook”. The track is crazy for multiple reasons, listen carefully to the lyrics if you can. There is a video to this track, which I will add later on. Here is a statement from Rashid:

Made a crazy fast song one day and decided to spit some rhymes over it. It wasn’t something I was accustomed to but it was definitely a challenge I was willing to accept. Hope you enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Rashid Amir – Take It 2 The Hook
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Rebels Music Empire (R.Me) – Carrie Fever

May 17, 2009

From Left To Right – Steph L.V., Real, Rashid Amir, and X Maximus

Rebel’s Music Empire (R.Me) is a group out of Brooklyn, NY. I received their new song Carrie Fever earlier in the week, and have been bumping the track hard ever since. The group is something refreshing to the music game, and just the New York scene. Its look like they are going to be quite busy as they are releasing their LP “Still Untitled Till This Day” sometime this summer. Also included is their first single “Ric Flair” which is definitely a banger.

DOWNLOAD: Rebels Music Empire (R.Me) – Ric Flair
DOWNLOAD: Rebels Music Empire (R.Me) – Carrie Fever
PREVIOUSLY: Freestyle Series: Rashid Amir – Stay Up

Shouts to B Conscious