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Polly Presents: Pollygamy: The Story of Kalypso

March 1, 2010

Haven’t had time for the site lately, but had to show support to a very talented artist and homie Polly. He just released Pollygamy: The Story of Kalypso, and unlike most projects/mixtapes that get released these days, this one actually has a concept to it. The project follows the story of a young man named Kalypso who sells is soul to devil in order to become a successful rapper named Polly, but quickly realizes fame can’t solve all of his problems. You can have everything you want, but at the end of the day you won’t have love, and that’s Pollygamy. I think everyone can relate this theme to some aspect of their life and you should take the time and listen to the hard work put into this well thought out project. Tracklisting after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Polly Presents: Pollygamy: The Story of Kalypso


How To Make It In America (The Mixtape)

February 10, 2010

HBO teams p with Kid Cudi, DJ Green Lantern and a bunch of others to form a mixtape to help with promoting the airing of the new series on HBO How To Make It In America. The tape features tracks by Jadakiss, Lupe Fiasco.

DOWNLOAD: How To Make It In America (The Mixtape)

Mala Reignz: Calm Before The Storm EP Promo #2

January 22, 2010

New promo for Mala Reignz Calm Before The Storm EP releasing January 29th, 2010!!! Are you ready?!?!

Brook Penning feat Prince Feva – Mid Air

January 22, 2010

The homie Prince Feva sent me this via Twitter and it was nothing short of DOPE!! First time listening to Brook Penning and I’m looking forward to hearing more material from the songstress! You’re definitely gonna hear more from Feva as well who has a project on the way, look out below Mile High!!!

DOWNLOAD: Brook Penning feat Prince Feva – Mid Air

Frank Ramz – The Best Of Frank Ramz (Mixtape)

January 22, 2010

I decided to put together a *The Best of Frank Ramz* tape for those who are not too familiar w/ me & my work. It has 23 of some of my favorite joints & tracks that the ppl like/love, all from my 5 projects that I’ve released in the past year & a half. I have also attached the artwork for you all above. Some of these you may have heard, some you haven’t..maybe you’ve never heard of any of ’em. So here’s your chance to get to know me better. Enjoy!

Stop sleeping and get familiar!!! (no Clinton Sparks…) Tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ramz – The Best Of Frank Ramz (Mixtape) | Usershare

Beatnick & K-Salaam – Where The Streets Have No Name

January 7, 2010

This is a great mixtape!!! Do yourself a favor and download this piece of hip hop art!!!

DOWNLOAD: Beatnick & K-Salaam – Where The Streets Have No Name

Erick “Arc” Elliott – Noir. (Mixtape)

January 5, 2010

Erick “Arc” Elliott presents “Noir.” In the midst of a game full of ‘rappers’ who are more concerned with singing their verses or convincing us all that they are an alien from another planet, it’s refreshing to sit down and hear a tape full of nothing short of straight forward, heart felt, authentic rap. No gimmicks, no nonsense-just the voice of a hungry, 21 year old, MC from Flatbush Brooklyn relating his day to day to the listener over some beautiful original production from The Remedy and Flash Frequency Music. For fans of rap and fans of old-fashioned-home-baked in a bedroom music in general, Arc’s Noir will not disappoint.

Brookyln’s own Erick “Arc” Elloitt has finally released NOIR. My good production buddies from The Remedy put me on to the homie years ago, and best believe a lot of good music is gonna be coming from the kid this year, this mixtape is just the beginnning. Look out for Food For Thought and then Black Moses later this year, for now soak in what is NOIR. Featuring production from The Remedy themselves on Pink Cookies, Peddle Music, Hunger and Empty Space. Enjoy!! Tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Erick Arc Elliott – NOIR. (Mixtape)