Lupe Fiasco vs. Jay Electronica

Here is something fun and interesting for a Friday afternoon. Over at OkayPlayer message boards, a discussion popped up in regards of Lupe vs Jay Electronica in an emcee battle. Everyone was posting Lupe and Jay verses a la Kevin Nottingham Freestyle Friday Style. It was cool until one individual by the name of Fiasco came on the board and placed his own verse in this “what if” battle. Check his verse after the jump.

the devils in the dealer, the poltergiest is in the pokerchips,
Game changer, I practice Iron Swan Song, Tiger Palm & Cobra Fist,
Go by many slang name’s and sobriquets,
Asking me how many lines is in my mind is like asking how many fish can the ocean fit,
I set out to do the impossible like an open fist,
Achieve the unbelievable like throwing Open Pit,
The last line refers to flying saucers,
A rhyming Chaucer who came from District 9 but now he’s flying over it,
Battle Jay Elect? Who has the foolhardy audacity to utter this?
I look at him like a high minded brother from another and when we finally encounter with dual flows overdosed on over-the-counter’s its gone be like Mulder meets the Mothership,
Friend Of The People, Fuck the government…

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