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DJ Woof The Phonocator – How I’m Feelin’ Part 2

December 31, 2009

Woof hits us with Part 2 of his mixtape project. Sounds like its coming along nicely, can’t wait to hear the whole project once done.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Woof The Phonocator – How I’m Feelin’ Part 2
PREVIOUSLY: DJ Woof The Phonocator – How I’m Feelin’ Part 1


Drunk Driver’s Seat With Capone-N-Noreaga & Busta Rhymes

December 31, 2009

While on tour with Raekwon in NY, CNN caught up with Busta Rhymes and Luguz. Check out some footage of a drunk Capone spitting some freestyles, a half-sober Nore & Busta Rhymes speaking on Busta’s appearance on the orginal “The War Report” album for the track “Driver’s Seat”. – 57thAve

Jay Electronica – King Michael Jackson: Audiograph Memorial

December 31, 2009

I made this because i have loved Michael Jackson all of my life. All of my memories from about 5 years old or so (which is about as far back as i remember with some ease) can be tied to or associated with or landmarked by some musical contribution of Michael Jackson at that time. From then, all the way to now. He is a dark fingerprint on a very large part of who I am and who most of the people I know personally are. And thats why i posted this picture along with this song. The response to this song is amazing, and overwhelming and i appreciate all of the love and support it is recieving from everywhere. And i dedicate all of this positive energy toward a Great Hero of mine (although not perfect) who has performed many miracles in his physical life and who has and will be for many moons continue to be a glowing light in the dark for those who see something better inside of themselves and have the will and desire to pursue it. Evolution. May our good works be recorded and duplicated, and may our sins be recorded and forgiven. Amen

Arsiney – The Trailer

December 31, 2009

Arsiney seats down with Buzz DVD for an insightful interview into who he is.

Rik Cordero & Jared Evan – Radio In My Head (Hosted By Polow Da Don)

December 31, 2009

Right here is an artist by the name of Jared Evan a singer/emcee, whos mixtape debut, “Radio In My Head” presented by Rik Cordero and hosted by Polow Da Don is available right now for free download. This mixtape features production from !llmind, Ill Factor, The Kickdrums, Ratatat and many more. This is one mixtape you can’t miss out on, if you missed it on the release date first round, here it is again!

DOWNLOAD: Rik Cordero & Jared Evan – Radio In My Head (Hosted By Polow Da Don)

Jesse Boykins III – Itis (Video)

December 31, 2009

Its The Official Top Ten Albums of ’09

December 31, 2009

Today serves as the last day of 2009 (sad face) and we decided to acknowledge ten of the best hip hop albums, new artist, and mixtapes of 09. Our top ten is not based on record sales. The list was compiled through voting at ITO headquarters. A list simply based on quality music and numbers. Have a safe new year and enjoy!!!