Throwback Fridays: Eric B. & Rakim

Okay, Rakim and Eric B was a great duo nobody comes close to them. The chemsitry between these two was something magical.  With Rakim at BB Kings yesterday and the release of his new album The Seventh Seal, I felt it was only right to give him props.  I have to say after listening to the new album… Eric B is missed. Rakim is not the same without Eric, and I can honestly say Eric B made Rakim, or at the least they made each other. No shots fired!!!  Enjoy… more videos after the jump.

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One Comment on “Throwback Fridays: Eric B. & Rakim”

  1. kingnyc Says:

    I feeling Rakim, HipHop needs to take it back to substance. I mean Rakim wasn’t a square, he was in the streets, but he also dropped a jewel. Balance is the Key. Keep it Official.

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