The Official Review – Jay-Z Blueprint 3

Every so often when Matik or myself are moved by a musical project we will do what people like to call a review. This time around I am going to get into the nitty gritty of Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z.

The Blueprint 3 serves as Jay-Z eleventh LP to be released in his career, which is pretty impressive as most rappers in hip hop have a short life expectancy. This is a man who has made himself into a brand, which can not go away but only become bigger as time goes on. You can honestly call this man the Frank Sinatra of Hip Hop. From the moment I heard the D.O.A. (Death of Autotune), and finding out it would feature mainly production by Kanye West, my curiosity was at its peak.

The album in honesty is dope there is relatively no weak tracks. You can play through the whole album without having the urge to hit that forward skip button. There are a few tracks which I gravitate to more than others. My favorite track out of this music composition is “Empire State of Mind”. If you are a true officialite you would know this from the previous post I did giving love to the song before it was named to be the third single off the LP. I love the original sample, and how the producer flipped it, and how it just big up New York, I know people are like not another New York is this or New York is that song, but you can not help but love the song. Is it because of Jay? Alicia Keys? I don’t know, nor do I care to know. I just know its just magical.

Kanye West & No I.D. do a wonderful job on the album with the production. The man Kanye is constantly evolving as an artist and possibly one of the best producers when it comes to sample based productions. A majority of the tracks on this album are pretty simple production wise. If your a producer or a nerd for music production you can tell… there isn’t a lot of complexity involved in the production kinda back to the old school days except with the use of synths . Each track produced by these two gentlemen are wonderful to the ears. Other notable producers on the album are Swizz Beatz, The Neptunes, and Timbaland.

The Neptunes contribution to BP3 “So Ambitious” reminds me of Allure from The Black Album. It has that feeling of importance as a story is being told. Swizz Beatz’s “On To The Next One” track was okay, and will be the anthem of clubs soon enough. Cool tidbit Swizz Beatz sampled D.A.N.C.E. by Justice (electro music band) this time around. Timbaland has three tracks tagged under his belt on this album… Off That (ft. Drake), Venus vs. Mars, and Reminder. Venus vs. Mars stands out the most of the three. Off That is a cool track, but why is Drake only on the hook? I felt he should have been given a verse, and I know Timbaland feels the same way.

Blueprint 3 also has a wide array of guest appearances from major players such as Rihanna, Alicia Keyz, Swizz Beatz, Young Jeezy, and Kanye West to the new kids on the block Kid Cudi, Drake, J.Cole. “A Star is Born” showcases J.Cole Jay-Z’s new artist on Roc Nation, and a classmate of mine. He does his thing on the track which comes off as a very personable track describing the hardships of which an artist may have to take in order for ones dream to flourish.

My main complaint about this album is the name Blueprint 3. I feel this album is not a Blueprint album. The previous Blueprints had a certain vibe which one can feel when played. I know I am not the only person to feel this way towards BP3, I have discussed this with others and some feel the same way while others disagree. The album feels more like Jay’z version of Graduation by Kanye West but just less cohesive. Regardless of my personal issues with the title this album is not by far one of Jays best albums, but its definitely one of the best albums in 2009.

I give it 4 out 5.

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