Obama Comments On Kanye West VMA Incident

Here is some audio of President Obama commenting on Kanye West inappropriate outbreak at the VMAs during Taylor Swift award acceptance speech. Its the presidents opinion, yet he speaks the truth. Hope he doesn’t catch heat for this.

DOWNLOAD: Obama Comments On Kanye West VMA Incident

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One Comment on “Obama Comments On Kanye West VMA Incident”

  1. amanda Says:

    you know i really love Kanye’s music. he has an awesome flow and great lyrics. i assumed he was a very intelligent person.. i think Beyonce is the most gorgeous person in the world but have never cared for her repeatitve songs. she looked great in her video. but it wasn’t a great video. all it was was scantily dressed girls dancing. THAT’S IT!! taylors’ video had a cute story to go along with the song. and she played 2 people!! it was more than shaking her butt! if that is why we think that Beyonce has the “best video” then we should call it best dancer or sexiest or most bootylicious girl award. i belive she is voted more for her looks than talent. she has a great voice but poorly written songs.At least taylor writes all her own stuff

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